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An immersive community where women 50+ put their self-care needs first for health, business & life!

It's Time To Thrive!


A Warm Welcome To You...

“Self-Care isn’t a chore or simply a nice to do. Self-care is a necessity as we navigate the challenges we face in life”
I have spent a lifetime in and around the world of health & fitness in my career, as a competitor, in my business, and as a pastime. What those 38+ years have shown me is when I have invested time into my personal wellbeing I have thrived. When I dropped the baton due to stress, time challenges, and lack of prioritising, I struggled physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. And all of those experiences have taught me not to take my health for granted, and to be proactive in my wellbeing so that I can live a thriving life for the rest of my life. Are You Ready To Do The Same?
If you, like so many other women over 50, are sick and tired of not having enough time or energy to invest in your own wellbeing, now is the time to stop accepting it as ‘okay’ and start prioritising your needs. For too long a woman’s value has been intrinsically linked & quantified by what she does for others. This has led us to devalue ourselves, often leaving our needs off the priority list, for fear of being frowned upon, and talked about, as well as feeling guilty for even considering doing something for our own health. No More! At Permission To Thrive, we are going to break that old worn-out story and turn things around, together! 
It's not okay to put your needs to one side all the time and there are no rewards for being a martyr, especially when it comes to your health. 
Instead of wondering how you will find the time to invest in your health, ask how much time you are willing to invest in your ill health. 
Instead of worrying what others will think about the time you invest in yourself, recognise you are worthy of that investment, 100 times over!
In fact, without self-care, how are you going to continue to serve others? You cannot pour from an empty cup...


What's In Store For You In Permission To Thrive?

As A Member You Get Access To...

  • A community of like-minded women who are focused on putting their self-care first
  • Weekly online lives where we take self-care actions, be that a mini workout or self-care action steps.
  • Weekly‘doses of motivation through poetry, quotes & videos to uplift and encourage you to build a healthy thriving mindset 
  • Weekly polls & questions for you to share your thoughts, insights, and preferences, all of which will help us build the community
  • Time to explore resources for different areas of your life, helping you to build your own holistic self-care plan based on your personal interests
  • Awesome guest speakers (all over 50!) who will share their skills, stories & knowledge and answer your most pressing questions
  • Monthly fun night's where you get to dance like no one is watching, sing, have a facial in peace, or simply share a special moment with other special women
  • And we want to contribute! So as part of your membership, we are committed to donating a 10% monthly contribution to an organisation supporting the wellbeing of women.

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About YvonneB


Yvonne is a self-care coach and award-winning women’s health advocate, acting as a catalyst of change, reconnecting women to their innate power through self-care. In a world that is constantly demanding us to do more, Yvonne focuses on raising women’s self-awareness, and confidence, bringing their life into alignment with their core values whilst taking necessary actions to develop healthy habits that enhance their wellbeing & life.
Although she had prior experience in coaching & training in the fitness & corporate world, following her redundancy Yvonne trained as a life coach and NLP Practitioner with a mission to help women build their confidence and unlock their potential. What she came to realise over a number of years was the potency of blending these coaching skills with her 38 years of experience in the health & fitness industry, supporting and encouraging women in their mid-life to regain control of their wellbeing through the prioritisation of self-care. As a woman in her 50’s, a mother and grandmother she understands how easy it is to allow one’s own health to go on the back burner in the pursuit of meeting everyone else’s needs and expectations but also recognises this martyr-type approach often leads to resentment, high stress, depression, and burnout.
As a qualified Personal Trainer, Nordic Walking Instructor, Nutrition Coach, Physical Intelligence Coach & Nature Facilitator, and passionate about maintaining mind, body & soul connection for meaningful wellness, Yvonne blends her many skills to help women rediscover and connect with their powerful self, putting their health first so that they have the energy and potential to take on the world!
Permission To Thrive was founded by Yvonne Bignall, and in her own words:
"It is my belief that as empowered women we know the importance of nourishing & nurturing our beautiful unique selves and through this act, we are able to resource others with love, skills, and knowledge. We just don't prioritise it.
But now we have the opportunity to… together!"
This is about taking a journey together to develop healthy mindsets, create value-focused habits, and absorb personal growth strategies that enable us to squeeze more fun, energy & joy out of life whilst fulfilling the commitments that matter to us; guilt-free, doubt-free, and without judgment.

Why Join Us?

Following a lifetime of giving of yourself to the benefit of everyone else, it is now YOUR time to focus on yourself with the support of other women who want to achieve the same, discussing the things that matter to us midlife, fueling your wellbeing, and having some fun. Find out more about the community via our 'Why Permission To Thrive' EBook:

Why Permission To Thrive.pdf

A Big Thanks

"Your support means everything because I believe together is how we best bring about the changes we want for ourselves and the world around us. I'm only one woman, together, we are an AWESOME community!"
Love, YvonneB xx 


What is the schedule of events?
We have a mix of weekly live or video-recorded sessions focused on fitness & self-care activities, weekly motivational posts, regular polls to gauge your insights, needs & desires plus our monthly speaker, as well as regular quests & challenges to take part in. This is your community so it will flex & shape as we grow, bringing in more of what we want. You can find out what’s on when via the Events tab on your profile dashboard.
Do I have to take part in everything?
Absolutely not! No one should feel pressured to do everything. You are free to dip in and out at your leisure. That said, your voice is important to us, and we welcome your contribution & presence. We want to ensure you get what you need from the community.
Can I access lives without having to have my video on?
Yes! Listen, we understand there are days you just want to be present without having to show face or speak. When we talk about permission, this community is all about giving you permission to show up in whatever way works for you!
What if I miss a live event?
Lives will be recorded unless we are hosting a sensitive topic and feel recording it could be an issue for participants.
How easy is it to set up my profile?
If you have ever set up a profile on any social media platform, we can guarantee you won’t have any problem setting one up in our community. If you do have any issues, reach out for help – we’ll be there!
What is the monthly investment?
The paid community after the one-month free trial is £30. This includes a contribution we pay forward to support a woman's support organisation.  
What’s the cancellation policy?
You are free to cancel at any time, you are in control. 
How do I download the app for the community?
Video Instructions Here
What if I want 1:1 private coaching with YvonneB?
Direct message Yvonne in the community and she will set up a no-obligation chat to find out how she can support you further.